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About Dorian Leander Hall

  Dorian Leander Hall is running for Rochester City Council.

As a an active member of the Rochester Community, Dorian Hall is fully about Community First. Please review Dorian's campaign platform. 

Dear Citizens of Rochester,

Please allow me to take a few moments of your time to tell my story.  My name is Dorian Leander Hall. I’m running for an At Large City Council seat because of a young lady named Dorothy Hall. Mrs. Dorothy Hall is my mother and she has been involved in Community Building for over 35 years.  I consider myself blessed to have a mother along with many other grassroots community activists as my role models.  During the year 2012 my mother asked me to attend a City of Rochester meeting about The Vacuum Oil Brownfield Cleanup Program in our Plymouth Exchange neighborhood also known as PLEX. That meeting changed my life and the reason why I’m running for City Council today.

 Born and raised in Rochester I attended local schools from Sacred Heart elementary, North Star Christian academy, to East High. I obtained two Associate Degrees from Monroe Community College and a Business Administration Bachelor's degree with dual core majors to include Management Information Systems and Finance from the University at Buffalo.  I'm the owner of an entertainment business since 1992 and I had many successful business mentors along the way.  My fulltime Employer is UPS. There I am a Technology Support Technician. Growing up I attended Memorial AME Church and I was raised to help others.  So because of my Christian training along with my education and business background I decided to give back to the community by helping my mother with PLEX Neighborhood Association.

While working with PLEX I witnessed current City Council undermining many neighborhood concerns about development projects.  Projects located in PLEX, EMMA, COBBS HILL, CHARLOTTE, and DOWNTOWN ROCHESTER.  Even our city's community planning and zoning committee support city projects or businesses before recognizing community input.  This is a serious problem and very frustrating.  That’s why my slogan is “Community First” because I have witnessed to many times City Council approve projects communities reject.  City Council representatives work for City home and business owners. They are Civil servants and should respect taxpayer dollars, concerns and input.

My platform is about “Empowering Communities”.  I will create polices that protect home owners and businesses. City development projects would be required to obtain at least 100 signatures from a 5 mile radius of development project address including all stakeholders in the neighborhood before approval. Then I will create neighborhood maintenance teams. They will have license trade professionals mentor community residents interested in trade skills.  I believe tax payers who pay their taxes on time yearly should received points similar to many credit card point systems. Those points could be used for many things from covering tickets, violation or purchasing merchandise. Neighborhood organizations will have a nuisance point system empowering them to assess problem homes and business along with City current point system. These are a few policies ideas I’m looking to implement. I’m a out of the box thinker and I'm hopeful we can change a few City Council members for a better Rochester future.


 I’m not a politician I’m your common sense candidate!

Dorian Leander Hall



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