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Community Development Policies

I will create polices that protect home owners and small businesses. One policy requiring City of Rochester development projects to obtain at least 100 signatures from stakeholders within a 5 mile radius of their development.

Development Projects and Involvement links Below:

(PLEX PARK Design)

PLEX Awarded Pre-Development Funding!


(Should Be Funded with CDBG Funds)



(Housing Development For U of R)

DHD Development in PLEX


(Discussion About Past Present And future)

City neighborhood’s past, future discussed


(In Process But Undermining PLEX Community)

BOA Brownfield Opportunity Area & River Wall


(Skewed Data to Benefit City of Rochester)

Housing Analysis and Reinvestment report

Respecting Home Owner Tax Dollars

I would create a financial public review committee. Neighborhoods need answers about how their tax dollars are spent. I believe tax payers who pay their taxes on time yearly should received points similar to many credit card point systems. Those points could be used for many things from covering tickets, violation or purchasing merchandise.

Note: While working for the City of Rochester I witness a project run out of money before completion because it was poorly planned. Our City Council approved more money to complete the project without any questions.


2016 Employee Salaries cost

Include Neighborhoods

I would make sure neighborhood organization receive communications about funds available to them. A great example is federal CDBG Community Development Block Club Funds. I will make sure dollars support neighborhood organizations.

Please Click Link below for information:


2009-2015 by zip code CDBG Funding Report

2009 - 2015 Home Funded Report



Make Rochester a Destination

I would continue to build on Strong National Museum of Play.  It’s a kid and family based business similar to Walt Disney.  Focusing on Rochester tourism dollars and add revenue to our economy.  We could include an Indoor drone and fitness obstacle course for family fun. 


The Strong national Museum of Play

Neighborhood Maintenace Team

I will create a neighborhood maintenance team. This team will maintain neighborhood exterior house issues for home owners. The team will have 5 licensed trade skilled mentors who will work with all aged community people interested in trade skilled positions. The funding will come from CDBG Community development Block Grant funds.  

Empowering Communites

I will empower neighborhoods by creating a nuance point system at would allow neighborhood organization to assess problem properties.  This will make property owner respect neighborhood wishes. Home owners are the backbone of any neighborhood and should have a voice other than the current City of Rochester point system.

Focused Small Business Investment

I would create a subsidized small business program. This program would subsidize small business for the first year. An example would be similar to how the affordable care Act subsidies a person’s healthcare. An example would be paying half of a business rent. If we allow a business build their customer base it will grow and remain in business.

Friends of Dorian Leander Hall 
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